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Turn Your Seller Analytics Data Into Actionable Insights

We Use AI To Generate Insights From Seller Data


What I Can Do With ProSeller AI

Why do you have to optimize your Listing?

You should optimize your listing for two reasons, 1 exposure to relavent keywords, 2 Improve Customer Conversions Your listing should speak the buyer language and each part of your listing section should have rich and appealing content to convert each page visitor into buyer. Proseller AI provides insights on each section of your listings with relavent keywords to improve your conversion rates.

How do you know where do you stand in the search results?

Your Search Position is based on 3 factors, Relavancy, Conversion Rate and Customer Reviews ProSellerAI helps with key insights to drive traffic for your listing, conversion rates and Relavancy when to consider your product page for a given search term.

How do you Boost your Sale?

By Selling quality products in good quantity with express shipping and very good customer support you can maintain good seller rating and sales. ProSellerAI provides you timely insights to improve customer satisfaction and maintain your seller rating which is key to sales.

Better Sales Are One Step Away

How It Works

Integrate sales channels

Integrate your sales channels like Amazon,Ebay & Shopify. ProSeller AI is one stop shop for multiple channel analytical insights.You don't have to work with seperate channels.

Generate Insights

You can generate insights for the products you want to Boost your Sales.

Act Upon & Boost Sales

Complete the actionable insights on timely manner to Boost product sales.

Know More About It Right Now

What Are The ProSellerAI Highlights

Integrate channels

ProSellerAI can Integrate with multiple channels for generating anlaytical insights.

Monitor in Real Time

With ProSellerAI dashboard, sellers can track their search vs sales rank in real time.

Generate Insights

ProSellerAI generates insights for seller metrics like Listing, BuyBox and Search Rank.

Simple to Use

ProSellerAI is userfriendly, simple to use tool to integrate seller insights.


ProSellerAI gives option to enable key alerts like negative feedback, out of stock product and missing shipping SLA.


ProSellerAI makes execution fun. As you complete actionable insights, you get scores which motivates you to engage more.

Improve Revenue With no Investment


Your Sales Is What Matters The Most

"ProSellerAI is a simple and amazing tool for a seller. Now i dont have to worry about any ecommerce gyan & sales strategy to be on top of competition. All i do is three simple steps, add products, generate insights and act upon them. The best part of this tool is tracking real time sales rank vs sales"

Dinesh Phondekar
Founder PShopee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it track Kindle books and Android Apps?

All the sales and rank tracking capabilities of ProSellerAI work for Kindle books and Android Apps.

How long do you keep historical data?

Ranking data is kept for one year. Sales tracking data is kept for one month.

How often are the rankings updated?

Sales Ranks are updated once a day.

How many products can I have on my account?

You can have as many products as you like on your account. However, the products associated with the account is limited by your subscription level.

Do you track parent/child products?

Yes. If you add a parent product to ProSellerAI, all the child products
(or variations) are automatically tracked too.

How often can I change or update products and keywords on my account?

A You are free to change your products as often as you like.

Is my sales data secure ?

Your data is encrypted and secured. Your data is safe.

Can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. If you cancel within the 15 day trial you will not be charged.



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